Haut de Gamme

Haut de Gamme
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    £195 - £12,995

French [Adjective] haut de gamme No.1. High-end, Upmarket, Upscale. Based in London, ‘Haut de Gamme’ (HDG) is an international platform showcasing original artwork, prints, and installations by Alexander Hall. Founded in 2010, HDG was created to provide art for all types of clientele whether it is for a home or public spaces. Haut de Gamme supplies all aspects of the project from consultation to installations of high-end art for individuals, venues and businesses in the residential and commercial sector. Box Galleries showcases both limited edition prints as well as original artwork. Haut de Gamme hosts creative events and exhibitions to showcase and sell contemporary art. Annually Haut de Gamme will raise as much as possible for Charities and Foundations through collaborations and events close to Alexander.