New Artists

New Artists

New Artists at Box Galleries

We are very excited to have signed two new artists - Paul Mellia and Bran Symondson. Paul Mellia is a UK super realism airbrush artist who is the only artist officially licensed to replicate Marvel characters. Based in London, Paul also has a huge following in America having worked in LA with Disney & Marvel. He has a strong celebrity clientele including Jonathan Ross, Banksy, Lewis Hamilton and even the Queen owns an original of Thomas the Tank Engine! The characters we are excited to receive at Box Galleries are Buzz Lightyear, Betty Boop, Minnie and Mickey Mouse, Tom & Jerry and Spiderman amongst others. Paul also thrives off new commissions of favoured characters.

Bran Symondson is considered to be one of the finest reportage photographers in the world and is becoming well known for his one off installations of embellished AK47 guns with dollar bills, iconography and butterflies. Symondson was the winner of the 2011 Amnesty International Media Award and in 2012 his exhibition "AKA Peace" for which Symondson asked artists such as Damien Hirst, Gavin Turk, Antony Gormley and the Chapman Brothers to re-interpret AK-47 assault rifles was a complete sell out. We are excited to be showcasing a dollar bill AK-47 as well as a collection of photographs inspired by his own personal experience of serving in the Afghanistan War.

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