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Best selling Cityscape artist Nigel Cooke has spent the last few decades jetting between London, Paris and New York. A previous Caricaturist and based in Yorkshire, Cooke has evolved his art into energised cityscape paintings and is currently one of the UK’s most popular commercial artists. He has worked as a character designer for the Hong Kong based C.I.M International and remains a member of the National Caricature Network in the U.S.A.

Nigel’s work is highly textured and he focuses on London, New York, Paris as well as Amsterdam cityscapes. Sketching in the different cities as well as using photographs, he captures the mood, energy and atmosphere of the City and the interaction and dialogue between people in the City. He is swiftly becoming one of the UK’s most sought after artists.

“My art is mainly humorous figurative paintings of people interacting. Naturally ,this has its foundations in my lifelong dedication to portraiture, caricature, humorous illustration and character design”