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Super realism artist Paul Mellia is the only artist who owns the Marvel rights to replicate imagery from our best loved comic & superheroes characters. Born in 1958, Paul’s career began after graduating with a fine art degree from South End College of Art (1976-1979) and his studio resides in South West London. Paul adds a 3-dimensional effect to his finished oils and spray paint originals. He straddles the delicate line between visual art and popular culture. His work is neither illustrative nor photographic, but stands somewhere between the two – frequently verging on fantasy. His unique interpretations, the comic Marvel & DC licensing rights that he owns, a solid US presence as well as the strength of his secondary auction market, make the work individual but also a secure investment for any reputable art collector. The Queen being a fan of Thomas the Tank Engine owns a Thomas Tank Original by Paul Mellia worth £150,000 and Jonathan Ross, Lewis Hamilton, Mariah Carey and Seal are amongst many celebrity collectors.