City Lights Wine Tasting

Thursday 19th May
Canford's first women's networking event

Wine Tasting and Cityscape Exhibition

Exhibition: 18th - 31st May

Wine tasting: Thursday 19th May | 6:30pm - 9:30pm

We are combining two of our favourite things, wine and artwork, and hosting a Wine Tasting Evening on Thursday 19th May 6.30pm-9.30pm. The Wine Tasting will begin at 7.30pm and our Wine Connoisseur Duncan Harrop will be tailoring stations of wine tasting according to the artist’s work and descriptive terms.

Spaces are limited to 25 people so please RSVP to emma@boxgalleries.com if you would like to join us.

The show will run from Tuesday 18th May - Tuesday 31st May and will feature a number of leading Cityscape Artists including David Pilgrim, Jayson Lilley, Nigel Cooke and Michael Wallner.

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